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“The current members of Watkins Street would like to express our gratitude to all the members who have worked before us. For it is their dogged determination and commitment to excellence on which our very traditions are grounded.”

We Thank You

"The Tradition Continues...

"The Tradition Continues...

One of the greatest leaders in the history of the FDNY has decided to call it a career following 37 years of distinguished service to a grateful City.
Chief of Department Edward S. Kilduff will be remembered for his toughness as a Firefighter and wisdom and courtesy as an Officer while maintaining an infinite understanding of time honored FDNY traditions which hold as the bedrock of "The Job".
Chief Kilduff departs as a highly decorated member of the FDNY whose career began in 1977, assigned to 34 Truck. Upon being promoted to Lt (L112), he became 24 partners with the infamous Larry McCarthy who "so gently" used to remind the young Lt, "that's not the way we did it on Watkins St"....to which Lt Kilduff would reply, "Larry, you're not on Watkins St anymore!"  After his promotion to Captain (E92), he would serve as Chief (Bn38) and DC (Div 3) before finding his way back to Brooklyn as the Borough Commander in 2004. In 2010, he was appointed the 34th Chief of Department in NYC history.
We salute Chief Kilduff for his many years of leadership for a job well done. He has the unwavering respect of all who have served.
Watkins Street past and present adds our signatures to Department Order #78 underneath Commissioner Daniel Nigro who wrote:
"I speak from the heart and on behalf of a grateful Department - when I say "Thank You" to Ed Kilduff for his tremendous lifetime of service to the Fire Department of New York"



A Salute To A Voice On The Other Side

Watkins Street would like to congratulate legendary FDNY Dispatcher George Munch after 35 years of dedicated service to the City of New York. "Dispatcher 102" (in his distinct reassuring voice) always played an integral role while assisting responding units to the scene of a fire or emergency. He was cut from the same cloth as other renowned Fire Dispatchers such as Warren Fuchs and Herb Eysser and will be remembered as a true professional who never lost sight of the time honored traditions of The Job. Enjoy a well deserved retirement George! To view a video of George Munch's last tour: http://www.nycfirewire.com/great-video-of-nbc-about-greg-munch-fdny-dispatcher-102/

Watkins St Members BC Portello and Capt Eysser Join Famed Dispatcher 120 Warren Fuchs In Congratulating George Munch On his Last Tour

Watkins St Members BC Portello and Capt
      Eysser Join Famed Dispatcher 120 Warren
      Fuchs In Congratulating George Munch On
      his Last Tour

Great Video of NBC About George Munch FDNY Dispatcher (102)


We Will Miss You Cornell

Cornell Horne - A Fireman's Fireman

Cornell Horne - A Fireman's Fireman

Monday, October 6, 2014  We are very sorry to announce the passing of retired L176 Firefighter Cornell Horne, a longtime member and beloved figure of the Tin House (E233/L176/FC). Cornell was a true senior man to the Department and was always heavily involved in FDNY functions right up until his retirement in 2003. Nearing the end of his career, he took a detail to Bn44 where we at Watkins Street were blessed to witness first hand (what our Brothers on Rockaway Ave already knew) - he had a wealth of information all of which he was willing to share in order to make us better at fires. We thank him for imparting his wisdom and we will always remember that smile which used to light up our kitchen.

Cornell battled his post 9/11 WTC cancer with a fury and a dignity we have seen many times over from Brothers we have since lost. To the very end, they all say they would do it again.

Funeral Arrangements:

Funeral Mass - Thursday, October 9th, 2014
Corpus Christi RC Church
31-30 61st St
Woodside, Queens

* The FDNY Ceremonial Unit will assemble us into formation. We ask all current and former members to please turnout in Class A Uniform as a mark of respect to a good man.

We Will Never Forget



A Thank You

A Thank You From Captain Higgins

A Thank You From Captain Higgins

To Watkins Street members past and present along with everyone else who came in contact with Captain Higgins over the past 36 years, please see the accompanying note -



The Tradition Continues...

Last month, Watkins Street completed a trifecta (following back to back retirement parties for Lt. Losquadro & Captain Calamari) as we gathered to celebrate a special career of someone who has meant a lot to all of us.
On April 16th, 2014 at 0900 hrs Roll Call, an FDNY treasure and Watkins Street icon would remove his gear for the final time, signaling the close of an illustrious 36 year career. The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 whose lives he has touched for the past 20 years consider him to be the best in the business. His professionalism was something to marvel at. His legendary Roll Calls and training sessions were met with high anticipation. His strength of character and humble demeanor were a constant reminder of what was expected while working on Watkins Street. His deep and abiding respect for those who came before us has strengthened our cause.
We pledge to him that we will "keep hitting singles" and we will take care of one another and his beloved FDNY.
To our Captain Bobby Higgins:
"The Tradition Continues...

Happy Retirement!

Happy Retirement!

Here's To You Cap...

Here's To You Cap...


Engine vs Truck Softball

Watkins Street members will once again go head to head for bragging rights in the annual Engine vs Truck Softball Game on Thursday, September 25th (11AM) in Rockville Center (Field location is Sunrise Hwy/Ocean Ave). Lunch will follow from 3-6pm at Kasey's Restaurant at (23 North Park Ave, Rockville Center). Game 1 - Engine231/Bn44 vs L120 (Current members) Game 2 - Engine 231/Bn44 vs L120 (Alumni game)



Captain Calamari Video

Captain Calamari

Thursday, September 18, 2014  View this YouTube video of Captain Calamari.



Captain Higgins Career in Pictures

Captain Higgins Career

Wednesday, September 17, 2014  View this YouTube video for Captain Higgin's Career in Pictures.



Watkins Street 9/11 Remembrance

Captain Eysser & Captain Duggan Assemble Watkins Street Members For 13th Anniversary of 9/11

Captain Eysser & Captain Duggan Assemble
      Watkins Street Members For 13th
      Anniversary of 9/11

The Watkins Street Family came together on Sept 11, 2014 to pay tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the 343 Brothers of the FDNY whose selfless actions thirteen years ago helped define our Nation.

Captain Eysser (L120) and Captain Duggan (E231) each spoke with reverence towards the standard of excellence that we in the FDNY today have been entrusted to uphold. They also acknowledged FF Brian Bollinger (L120); US Green Beret (who at this time is preparing to once again answer the call from our Commander in Chief). Chief DiMartino (Bn44) expressed the importance of also remembering the 89 members we have lost to cancer as a result of that fateful day, including the father of L120 Probationary FF Ryan Mosiello. Captain Higgins E231 (Ret) shared definitive thoughts about how the FDNY always seems to rise (and also replenish) within each rank as a sincere mark of respect to the 343 brave men who adorn the wall in the most traveled area of our firehouse.

At 6:30AM sunrise on Sept 11, 2014, a scene at Watkins Street was likely being played out at every firehouse in NYC with rigs being washed on the apron, fresh coffee brewing, probies cooking and cleaning everything in sight, The Brothers just doing their thing, and Officers examining their final notes in preparation of the arrival of former members and families. This spirit being displayed at FDNY firehouses everywhere can only strengthen our vow to "Never Forget". It will also further ensure that as the years pass, our heroes stature will continue to grow within our hearts. Their stories will be told for as long as there is an FDNY.

To the 343 Brothers and our 89 FDNY heroes who have since gone to a higher level....Gentlemen, we offer a "Hand Salute"!!!

"The Tradition Continues...



The Watkins Street Family Grows!

The Scafuri's With Their Bundle Of Joy!

The Scafuri's With Their Bundle Of Joy!

Congratulations to Tricia and FF Sal Scafuri (E231) on the birth of their first child, Savanna Nicole. Welcome to Watkins Street Savanna!



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