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“The current members of Watkins Street would like to express our gratitude to all the members who have worked before us. For it is their dogged determination and commitment to excellence on which our very traditions are grounded.”

A Tribute To BC George Eysser - "A Consummate Fire Officer"

The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 salute the life of Battalion Chief George Eysser (US Navy, FDNY WTC 9/11), a true gentleman whose exemplary 40 year career began in 1962 as a Probationary FF (L-25) spanning the FDNY "War Years" before culminating as an integral part of the FDNY leadership as a Chief Officer (Bn35) during the greatest rescue effort to ever take place in New York City history on September 11, 2001.
Chief Eysser (FF L-25, L-4, L-105, Lt L124, Capt L-6, BC Chief of Marine Operations, BC Bn35), was a true FDNY legend and a noted Department historian affectionately known as a "lifer", (whose father was part of the heralded Fire Patrol and brother Herb, a legendary FDNY Dispatcher who continues today as a fixture at R-3). Remaining heavily active after his retirement in 2002, it is safe to say that the scanner was turned up just a notch when Gr 11 was RFD at Watkins Street in recent years as BC Eysser was both (mentor and enthusiast) proudly watching and listening as his son Christopher was in command as the Captain of Ladder Company 120.
Another smile now gone, BC George Eysser enjoyed a career of excellent leadership and cherished Brotherhood while leaving an indelible mark on our great Department. Passing to a higher level, he now joins the ranks of good pals (Ellson, Ganci, and Carlson) as they watch over their FDNY from above.
"The Tradition Continues...

BC George Eysser - A Life of Service

BC George Eysser - A Life of Service

Medal Day 2014 - BC George Eysser With Son Captain Chris Eysser, L120

Medal Day 2014 - BC George Eysser With
      Son Captain Chris Eysser, L120


FDNY Firefighter Timothy Melia E332, United States Marine

FDNY FF Timothy Melia - A Life Of Service

FDNY FF Timothy Melia - A Life Of

Signal 65-2 has been transmitted
We are sorry to inform you of the passing of active FF Timothy Melia (E332), a US Marine who honorably served our country in multiple tours of duty. Tim, (whose grandfather Dan was a Bn44 Chief) is survived by his wife and 4 young children. In the true spirit of the FDNY, our Brothers from Bradford Street have established a fundraising drive in an effort to assist Tim's family. Respectfully, we are sharing the link in the event you may consider joining Watkins Street in helping one of our own.  
Please click on the link below to help Tim's family:
His was a life of service. FDNY Firefighter Timothy Melia, United States Marine, represented all that is good. When you lose a loved one, you gain an Angel that you now know. We will miss our friend.
"The Tradition Continues...



"Chow's On....Come 'n Get It!

The Brothers send a tip of the helmet to Lt. Sal Mirra (L120 cov) for rolling up his sleeves and finally preparing his world famous "Salzones" for Watkins Street! After ordering the probies off their feet for an hour and telling the students to hit the books - Lt. Mirra declared it to be "Firefighter Appreciation Day".

On behalf of a grateful bunch for the past several months, Thank You Boss.

"The Tradition Continues....

Lt Mirra Preparing His World Famous       "Salzones"

Lt Mirra Preparing His World Famous


Watkins Street Reunion Luncheon

A great time was had by all at the Watkins Street Reunion Luncheon held at the Wantagh Inn. The turnout was excellent spanning from Andy Garguilo and Seymore Schenker (assigned to E231/L120 in 1957) all the way to Joe Ciaravino and Ryan Mosiello (assigned to E231/L120 in 2014). Special thanks to Kevin McCarthy and Tim Byrne for putting the event together.

"The Tradition Continues...

PS - We would like to remind all members to verify the settings on your email to allow bulk mail from the firehouse in order to make sure our messages are getting out. Also, please let the firehouse know if your email address has changed.

2015 Watkins St Luncheon

2015 Watkins St Luncheon


"The Tradition Continues...

Engine Company 231 Is In Their Blood - Lt Tom Healy Sr, FF Kevin Healy, Lt Tom Healy Jr

Engine Company 231 Is In Their Blood -
      Lt Tom Healy Sr, FF Kevin Healy, Lt Tom
      Healy Jr

Congratulations to FF Kevin Healy (E231) and FF Devon Phillips (E231) who both graduated FDNY Proby School today, and in the coming days will stand their first official Roll Call on Watkins Street. The appointment of FF Healy to E231 has special significance as he is becomes the 3rd member of his immediate family to be assigned to Engine Company 231, following in the footsteps of his proud father Tom (1978 - 1990) and older brother Tom (2007 -2011), both of whom were promoted to Lieutenant out of E231. The Healy's are the 17th Father/Son combination to work at Watkins Street (and join the Hay Family as now having 3 members assigned to our Firehouse). We wish young Kevin and Devon all the best as they begin a long and healthy career!

"The Tradition Continues...



Welcome To Watkins Street!

FF Kevin Healy E231 and FF Devon Phillips are the newest members of Watkins Street!

FF Kevin Healy E231 and FF Devon
      Phillips are the newest members of
      Watkins Street!

The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 would like to officially welcome our new Probationary Firemen to Watkins Street. FF Devon Phillips and FF Kevin Healy are set to graduate Proby School and will join the proud ranks of Engine 231. For FF Healy, "The Tradition Continues" as he follows his brother Tommy, and also his dad Tom who both were also assigned to E231! Welcome to Watkins Street boys!



...And What A Ride It Was

"A Picture That Says It All"

"A Picture That Says It All"

The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 celebrated our Company Dance last week and with it, put an exclamation point on the careers of 3 legendary FDNY Officers who totaled over 100 years of exemplary service to the people of New York City and of whom gave their heart and soul to the members of Watkins Street.
Captain Robert Higgins (E231), Captain John Calamari (L120), and Lieutenant Thomas Losquadro (L120) each took to the microphone for the final time reflecting on the opportunity presented and path travelled upon taking the oath of office many years ago. True to form, each Officer chose to highlight the efforts of the men they once supervised, but more importantly (and true to form), spoke very directly to the young crop of Watkins Street firemen in the audience with regards to expectations, dedication, pride, and professionalism.
As a sincere gesture of appreciation, along with retirement plaques, each was presented commemorative photo books highlighting their careers which were passed around The Job for "The Brothers" (all the way up to the FDNY Commissioner) to sign. The 2 FDNY Captains were then presented with frames which included a congratulatory letter from The White House, along with a special commendation signed by another famous retiring Captain - Derek Jeter!
Capping the evening was a special "Firehouse Fun" presentation seeking to "TOP 'Em ALL" which came straight from the hearts of a group of very thankful men for all the years of taking care of us. Captain Higgins would get into the mix one last time by "volunteering" to assist us.... After summoning Lt Losquadro back to the podium and acknowledging gifts from Yankee great Derek Jeter and President Obama, he would present the final gift of the evening which brought the house down!!....an autographed photo of "the one and only Babe Ruth" personally signed to our beloved Watkins St "Topper".
On behalf of a grateful firehouse which includes all current and former members, take a well deserved blow gentlemen - you've earned it!
"The Tradition Continues....



Watkins Street Dinner Dance

A great time was had by all as the Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 paid tribute to our recently promoted members at our Company Dinner Dance in Patchogue. Our Company Commanders, Captain Chris Eysser (L120) and Captain Jim Duggan (E231) served as Master of Ceremonies honoring the following members upon their promotions:
Captain Anthony Rich (E231)
Lt. James Cashin (L120)
Lt. Sean Robertson (E231)
Lt. Charles Masterson (L120)
Lt. James DeVito (E231)
Lt. Ryan McNamara (L120)
Lt. James Blow (E231)
Lt. Chris Pisani (L120)
Lt. Ahmed McIntosh (E231)
Lt. Leo Tineo (L120)
Lt. Alex Astromovich (E231)
Each of these members served with honor, giving their very best to the Brownsville community during their time on Watkins Street. Our Firehouse has grown stronger as a result of their collective efforts. The Brothers respectfully offer a "Hand Salute" and tip of the helmet to these FDNY Officers.
"The Tradition Continues...

Capt Duggan, FF Billy McLaughlin Congratulate E231 Members Promoted To Lieutenant

Capt Duggan, FF Billy McLaughlin
      Congratulate E231 Members Promoted To

Capt Eysser, FF Brian Cross Congratulate L120 Members Promoted To Lieutenant

Capt Eysser, FF Brian Cross Congratulate
      L120 Members Promoted To Lieutenant


FDNY Celebrates 150th Anniversary!

The FDNY will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary of dedicated service to the citizens of New York City. Along with many festivities planned throughout the five boroughs, the New York Daily News recently published a 50 page commemorative pullout section titled, "150 Years of Courage" in which our very own FF Dan Tracy was prominently highlighted for a dramatic rescue performed in 1967. The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 will host an Open House on Saturday May 2nd at 11AM as we cordially invite our Brownsville community to stop by for a few hours of food, drink, and firehouse fun. "The Tradition Continues...

NYPD Captain Rafael Mascol, Commanding Officer PSA 2 Visits Watkins Street To Congratulate FDNY On 150th Anniversary

NYPD Captain Rafael Mascol, Commanding
      Officer PSA 2 Visits Watkins Street To
      Congratulate FDNY On 150th Anniversary

FDNY - 150 Years of Dedicated Service

FDNY - 150 Years of Dedicated Service


Rest Easy Our Brother

Firefighter Greg Chevalley L176 has passed to a higher level as a result of injuries sustained from operations at WTC Box 8087 on Sept 11, 2001. Greg was FDNY royalty and among the most aggressive FF you can ever imagine. When he was working, the Tin House was at its best. NYC has lost a true hero today. After 9/11 President George W. Bush told us, "We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail"....Nobody embodied these sentiments more than our friend, Greg Chevalley.

Representing The Very Best Of The FDNY, FF Greg Chevalley L176

Representing The Very Best Of The FDNY,
      FF Greg Chevalley L176


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