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“The current members of Watkins Street would like to express our gratitude to all the members who have worked before us. For it is their dogged determination and commitment to excellence on which our very traditions are grounded.”

A Life of Service

We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Retired FDNY Captain Robert Davan, father of BC Brian Davan (FF E231/L120).

FDNY Captain Robert Davan (94yrs) was a child of the "Great Depression" who would later serve his Country during World War II aboard the great Naval Battleship USS Iowa. A decorated member of the US Navy, he was RFD (and witnessed) the official Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. After serving a year in the NYPD, he began his 36 year FDNY career in 1947 (as a proby in E56), where he would establish firefighting as the "family business"....as three of his six children would continue the tradition their dad started (BC Brian Davan, Lt Richie Davan L23, and Lt Gerry Davan Bn42 Ret).

An avid sports fan, Robert was promoted to Lt (E37) the same year that Roger Maris broke the Babe's Home Run record! He was promoted to Captain (E264) in 1975 and although he retired in 1983, he remained heavily active for the past 35 plus years (always just a phone call away) as his boys continued the family business. FDNY Captain Robert Davan, WWII Veteran - his was a life of service.

FDNY Captain Robert Davan, 36 Years of Dedicated Service To NYC

FDNY Captain Robert Davan, 36 Years of
      Dedicated Service To NYC

World War II Navy Veteran Robert Davan - America Thanks You Sir!

World War II Navy Veteran Robert Davan -
      America Thanks You Sir!


Here's To Our Heroes

The FDNY has a deep and abiding respect for members of our military. Many current and former members of Watkins Street have answered our Nation's call to arms - for which we are eternally grateful. Please enjoy the following tribute to the men and women we all look up to. http://www.youtube.com/v/AgYLr_LfhLo?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0



"Hand Salute" To Captain Gerard Condon L123

Legendary FDNY Captain Gerard Condon Spent 19 Years At St. Johns East In L123

Legendary FDNY Captain Gerard Condon
      Spent 19 Years At St. Johns East In L123

We are sorry to inform you of the passing of legendary L123 Captain Gerard Condon who spent 19 plus years working as an Officer on St. Johns East from the years 1971-1990. His legacy continues with son Kevin (FF in L120) who is the current Captain of Ladder 24.

Captain Gerard Condon is another of the highly decorated FDNY War Years era members to pass to a higher level. Their sense of duty, honor, and pride set the stage for future generations and remain our benchmark.

After serving his Country in the U.S. Army (working at the Pentagon from 1963-1965), Captain Condon's 30 year career began on Siegel Street (L108) in 1966. For the next 19 years, upon being promoted, he would call L123 his home - serving as their Lieutenant & Captain (before retiring in 1990). An old school Captain, who was revered by all under his command, he garnered the respect of all who came in his contact.

"The Tradition Continues...

As per Captain Gerard Condon, the Condon Family requests in lieu of flowers, donations made to the Lt Thomas F. Healy Foundation (assisting FDNY members and their families with cancer).

Funeral Arrangements:

Monday 2-4pm & 7-9pm
Stroyman Funeral Home
405 West Hartford St,
Milford, PA

Funeral Mass:
Tuesday 10am
St Patrick's RC Church,
Milford PA

Please keep the Condon Family in your thoughts and prayers



Watkins Street Wins Basketball Championship!

2014-2015 FDNY Basketball Champions!

2014-2015 FDNY Basketball Champions!

The FDNY's version of "March Madness" was on display front and center as members of Watkins Street/Bn44 defeated the members of Dean Street/Bn57 for the Class B FDNY Championship in a tightly contested battle on the hardwood. The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 congratulate the champs and our Brothers from E219/L105/Bn57 on a great season! "The Tradition Continues....



An Interesting Bit Of History

For the history buffs, please enjoy the attached article titled, "A Fireman's Badge, Lost During the Civil War" which has a Watkins Street connection. The son of FF Kevin Canberg (L120, Ret) has been researching an old Brooklyn fire badge which was recovered by a relic hunter in Louisiana. The badge belonged to a firefighter named Duncan Richmond (who incidentally was captured during the Civil War in the Battle of Bull Run), who after being released would rise to the rank of Captain where he became a prominent New Yorker who was mentioned frequently by Walt Whitman in his documents encased at Yale! Mr Duncan is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in ENY, Brooklyn.

Special thanks to Mr. Canberg for his extensive research and to Captain Eysser's dad, Chief George Eysser for sharing this story with us. http://www.green-wood.com/2009/firemans-badge-lost-during-civil-war/

Brooklyn Fire Badge Dating Back To Civil War

Brooklyn Fire Badge Dating Back To Civil

Final Resting Place of Duncan Richmond, Firefighter Whose Badge Was Recently Found In Louisiana by Son of Former L120 Member Kevin Canberg

Final Resting Place of Duncan Richmond,
      Firefighter Whose Badge Was Recently
      Found In Louisiana by Son of Former L120
      Member Kevin Canberg


Bradford Street Memorial Mass

We would like to remind our current and former members that our Brothers from Bradford St (E332/L175) will celebrate their annual Memorial Mass on Thursday, March 19th (10am) at St Rita's Church located at 275 Shepherd Ave. We look forward to a nice turnout.



Good Luck Lt. Rob Brown

Watkins Street offers a well deserved salute and would like to wish good luck to Lt. Robert Brown (L120) as he prepares for his next assignment in the FDNY where he will be operating under the Special Operations Command (SOC). Lt. Brown, who has been a Company Officer in Ladder 120 for 10 years, joins a list of accomplished Firefighters and Officers from Watkins Street who have furthered their career with extensive training in technical rescue operations.

Lt Brown's final tour while in command of L120 was capped off by a surprise visit and lunch from a legendary Watkins Street trifecta which included his dad BC Bob Brown (Bn44 Ret), BC John Ievolo (Bn44 Ret), and BC Marty Coyne (Captain L120 Ret).

Lt. Brown, we thank you for the many years of training, leadership, and firehouse fun.....but most of all, we thank you for your friendship and for always keeping us safe. You helped make Watkins Street better.

"The Tradition Continues...

Lt Brown's Final Roll Call

Lt Brown's Final Roll Call

A Special Day Made Better As Lt Brown Is       Joined By His Dad (Chief Brown), Chief       John Ievolo, and Chief Marty Coyne

A Special Day Made Better As Lt Brown Is
       Joined By His Dad (Chief Brown),
      Chief John Ievolo, and Chief Marty


1st Annual Watkins Street vs Bradford Street Winter Classic

!st Ever Bn44 Winter Classic

!st Ever Bn44 Winter Classic

A great time was had by all in the 1st ever outdoor "Watkins Street vs Bradford Street Winter Classic". Our Brothers from East New York secured bragging rights with a thrilling 6-5 victory which culminated in a "shootout" with Bradford St scoring the winning goal!



Wounded Warrior Ski Weekend

Watkins St Members Enjoy An Evening With Our Soldiers

Watkins St Members Enjoy An Evening With
      Our Soldiers

Members of E231/L120/Bn44 once again descended upon Windham Mountain to take part in the Wounded Warrior Ski Weekend. Watkins Street was tasked with providing transportation for the injured soldiers and their families as they enjoyed a few days of winter fun. Again, we thank our soldiers from the bottom of our hearts for protecting our way of life and putting it all on the line for our country on a daily basis.



Watkins Street Salutes Our NYPD Brothers In Blue

Watkins Street and the entire FDNY stand united in support of our Brothers in Blue of the NYPD. We would especially like to acknowledge the heroism of Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos who were brutally assassinated by a cowardly thug on the streets of Bed Stuy. Members of Watkins St past and present can recall working side by side with both of these fine Officers, who in short, represent the very best of the City of New York. The Brownsville/ENY community was a safer place when Officers Liu and Ramos took to the streets following Roll Call and their presence was always a welcomed sight at the scene of any fire or emergency for the members of E231/L120/Bn44. We salute them and have made a vow to never forget their sacrifices. May God Bless our NYPD.

L120 Adorned In NYPD Blue

L120 Adorned In NYPD Blue

The FDNY Salutes Our Brothers In Blue

The FDNY Salutes Our Brothers In Blue


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