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“The current members of Watkins Street would like to express our gratitude to all the members who have worked before us. For it is their dogged determination and commitment to excellence on which our very traditions are grounded.”

2014 Tuttlemondo/Dolney Scholarship

Monday, June 30, 2014   2014 TUTTLEMUNDO/ DOLNEY SCHOLARSHIP (Download Application) The Tuttlemundo/ Dolney Scholarship Fund will award two $500 academic scholarships towards the college tuition of qualified dependent children. To be eligible for consideration a child must be: 1. A dependent of a current or former member of the 15th Div., AND 2. Currently attending a college that imposes a charge for tuition, OR 3. Entering a college in September that imposes a charge for tuition. Each dependent child must submit a separate application. The winners will be published on a future Department Order. Applications must be received by Monday June 30, 2014. Applications can be obtained from the FDNY Intranet or from the internet at www.watkinsst.com. Please send applications to FF Sal Scafuri through the bag at Engine 231 Bn-44 or mail directly to 107 Watkins Street Brooklyn, NY 11212  - attention Sal.

For further information contact the firehouse at (718) 965-8231 or Bn-44 Office at (718) 965-8344. Download Application Here



Captain Higgins Retirement Party


All current & former members of Watkins Street and Brothers of the FDNY:

Please join the Officers & Members of Watkins Street for a Retirement Party celebrating the legendary 36 year career of our friend, Captain Bobby Higgins E231 who very simply put - is (and always will be) "A Watkins Street Treasure".

The party will be held on Saturday, August 23rd (3pm - 7pm) at:

Connolly's Corner

71-17 Grand Ave

Maspeth, Queens 11378                                                                                                               http://www.connollyscorner.com/                                                                                             

As per Captain Higgins only request, we ask that all members please refrain from bringing/purchasing any gifts. Instead, there will be an opportunity at the party to make a small donation (if members so choose) which Captain Higgins would like to present to the Lt Thomas F. Healy Foundation on behalf of the entire Watkins Street Family.

Captain Higgins always taught us at Roll Call to "keep hitting singles"....and on August 23, it will give us great pride to raise a glass in honor of a man who always delivered.

"The Tradition Continues...




FDNY Medal Day - Captain Eysser 2014 Albert S. Johnston Medal Winner!

Captain Christopher G. Eysser became the 34th member in Ladder 120 history to receive a Departmental Medal as he was awarded the 2014 Albert S. Johnston Medal at this year's FDNY Medal Day. It was a banner day for the Officers & Members of Battalion 44 as we also saluted the senior man at L175 FF Mike Perrone (who was awarded the Chief Wesley Williams Medal) and L176 who was awarded the WTC Memorial Medal as "Company of the Year".

On July 6, 2013 at 0246 hrs, E231, (led by Captain Robert Higgins), L120, and Bn44 responded to phone alarm Box 1687 at 373 Blake Ave which is a 3 story LRFPMD. Watkins Street members and other 1st alarm units made an aggressive push which resulted in Captain Eysser making a dramatic rescue of two young children after finding them unconscious in the rear bedroom.


Captain Eysser is the 4th member of Ladder 120 to be awarded the Albert S. Johnston Medal (joining FF Kevin Heaney, Lt Larry Tompkins, and FF Pete Carroll who were previous recipients). To add another bit of historical significance is the fact that Captain Eysser's grandfather worked under the medal's namesake (Captain Albert S. Johnston, at the infamous FDNY Fire Patrol, where legendary 1st Deputy Fire Commissioner William Feehan also began his career).

Congratulations and job well done to Captain Eysser and members of Watkins Street for once again being there and making a difference to our Brownsville community when it matters most.

"The Tradition Continues...

The Eysser Family

The Eysser Family

2014 FDNY Medal Day - Congratulations Captain Eysser!

2014 FDNY Medal Day - Congratulations
      Captain Eysser!


A Salute To Lt. George Guinan 5th - 35 Years In The 44th Battalion!

Battalion 44 Salutes One Of the Best!

Battalion 44 Salutes One Of the Best!

The Officers & Members of Battalion 44 would like to congratulate legendary Lt. George Guinan 5th who just celebrated his 35th year "On The Job", every one of which has been spent in the 44th Battalion! George was assigned to E231 in 1979 and would spend 10 years in L120 before being promoted to Lt in 1990 where he would find his way back to the Brownsville/ENY area as a young Lt - securing the spot in L176 serving under "The Vig",  Captain John Vigiano.

Lt Guinan's passion for Watkins Street was cultivated at a young age spending countless hours with his dad George Guinan 4th (E231) who was a highly respected War Years firefighter. George would become the official Watkins St Historian combing through the archives developing perhaps the most comprehensive study known to a single firehouse while (researching and logging the names of every member) who has ever passed through the door at 107 Watkins Street.

As an accomplished, yet humble Fire Officer who has been cited for merit and bravery on numerous occasions, Lt Guinan fittingly was able to share his proudest moment with the members of his beloved Tin House at this years Medal Day. L176 was the 2014 recipient of the hallowed WTC Medal which is given to "The Company of the Year" for their actions at Box 0861 where E233/L176 played a significant role along with other first due units in the successful rescue of 11 civilians.

On behalf of the current and former Officers & Members of Bn44:

"Congratulations to Lt Guinan on 35 years service to the FDNY!  We wish you the best of luck as you attempt to reach that lofty goal of....."44 Years In The 44"

"The Tradition Continues...




BC Brian Davan

BC Brian Davan

Congratulations to FF Ryan McNamara (L120) who was recently promoted to Lieutenant. Ryan started his career in E231 on Jan 1, 2006  (where incidentally his dad also was a FF) before transferring to L120 prior to his promotion. Congratulations to the McNamara family and we wish Ryan the best of luck as he prepares for the next chapter in his career.

We would also like to extend congratulations to former E231/L120 member, Captain Brian Davan (L147) on his promotion to Battalion Chief!....Great Job to Brian - Commissioner Feehan is surely very proud!



We'll Miss You Tiller

Watkins Street says goodbye to our beloved "Tiller" an injured and deprived stray dog from the Brownsville streets who became part of our Firehouse Family after showing up on our doorstep 12 years ago. Tiller quickly grew accustomed to Firehouse life and became friends with the children of the neighborhood, the FDNY mechanics who always had special treats for her, and most of all to the men who cared for her. It was also not uncommon to find her tagging along on an EMS run or elevator across the street at 60 Glenmore which always seemed to put a smile on the public's face.

Tiller was happiest when the kids were around as she was the life of the Christmas party, Company Picnics, Wounded Warriors, and of course her weekend getaways with the Brothers. Watkins Street owes a debt of gratitude and sincere thanks to FF Billy Kirkham (L120) and his wife Ronni for providing Tiller with a wonderful retirement after her career on Watkins Street.

"The Tradition Continues...

"Tiller During Her Earning Years"

"Tiller During Her Earning Years"

"Tiller Enjoying Retired Life At The Kirkham's On Long Island"

"Tiller Enjoying Retired Life At The
      Kirkham's On Long Island"


Welcome To Watkins Street!

FF James Giammalvo Spent 2 Tours Of Duty In Iraq With The US Navy

FF James Giammalvo Spent 2 Tours Of Duty
      In Iraq With The US Navy

We would like to welcome FF James Giammalvo who recently transferred to L120 from E227. FF Giammalvo was appointed to the FDNY in 2006 and served 2 tours in Iraq with the US Navy. We are extremely proud to welcome him to the Watkins St Family.



Watkins Street Welcomes New Probationary Firefighters!

Our Newest Members - FF Ryan Mosiello (L120), FF Tristen Echols (E231), FF Joe Ciaravino (E231)

Our Newest Members - FF Ryan Mosiello
      (L120), FF Tristen Echols (E231), FF Joe
      Ciaravino (E231)

The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 would like to formally welcome our 3 newest members to Watkins Street! Probationary FF Ryan Mosiello (L120), Joseph Ciaravino (E231), and Tristen Echols (E231) will receive their diplomas at a special Graduation ceremony today presided over by FDNY Commissioner Cassano and Chief of The Fire Academy Jack Mooney (a couple of old school firemen who are preparing to retire after many decades of distinguished service to NYC).

Congratulations to our new probie trio (whose families are steep in FDNY tradition). FF Ciaravino's dad Phil (FF L111) was a legendary member of the Nuthouse, who served as Lieutenant in L102, Captain in L133, before retiring as a well respected BC. FF Mosiello's dad was a FF (E271), who was then promoted to Fire Marshal, and became the trusted Aide to our beloved Chief of Department Pete Ganci, - 2 men who are surely beaming with pride today. Watkins Street past and present welcomes the Echols, Mosiello, and Ciaravino families to our Firehouse.

"The Tradition Continues...



CitiField Trip - A Salute To Captain Higgins

Over 100 members of Watkins Street made their way to CitiField to watch the NY Mets take on the Pirates for an afternoon of baseball with friends and family. The memorable day was organized by E231 Firefighters Jason Gaetani and Jimmy Bulloch who went to great lengths planning the surprise for a special Pittsburgh Pirates fanatic named Captain Higgins and his family. Attendees to the Tailgate Party were given a specially designed commemorative Watkins Street t-shirt quoting Captain Higgins famous line at Roll Call "Just keep hitting singles" on the front and a "20" (his Group Number) on the back. The Higgins Family was given the red carpet treatment by the NY Mets Organization with a private grand tour of the stadium and special Diamondvision acknowledgement during the game which brought the Mets faithful to their feet. A great time was had by all with special thanks (and a well deserved tip of the cap for a job well done) to E231 Firefighters Gehraty, Artis, Mecabe, and Forland for their efforts. You guys made Captain Higgins day.

Tailgate Party At CitiField

Tailgate Party At CitiField

The NY Mets Salute 36 Years Of Dedicated Service!

The NY Mets Salute 36 Years Of Dedicated


Memorial Day

Watkins Street has a long history of distinguished servicemen who have protected our Nation and also rode the backstep. On this most hallowed day we pause to remember the sacrifices of men like L120 FF Steve Hay's grandfather Bn44 Chief Allen Hay (a POW) who rose to become Brooklyn Borough Commander. We pause to remember our oldtimers who made up the "Greatest Generation" and also those who battled in the jungles of Vietnam and Korea. With pride, we salute the current members of Watkins St who have put it all on the line for our Country (FF Pete Carroll, FF Steve Hay, FF Pat Ripp, FF Alex Malchevsky, FF Brian Bollinger, FF Ahmed Artis, and our newest member FF Jimmy Giammalvo). Most importantly, we pause to thank the Good Lord for the safe return of current L120 FF Brian Bollinger (U.S.A. Green Beret) who is back on the chart this week for the first time after another successful "trip". Welcome Back BRIAN!!!!

Lastly, we would like to send congratulations to US Army Ranger Casey Carroll who is the brother of FF Pete Carroll (L120). Casey has been deployed 4 times to Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to his ongoing military service to our Nation, he had one final year of college eligibility while pursuing his Masters at Duke. Casey, an All-American (and married father of 2), today on Memorial Day fittingly won the NCAA Lacrosse Championship as his Duke Blue Devils beat Notre Dame on National TV! Thank you to Casey and to all the men and women of our Armed Forces for being who you are. We remain in awe of each and every one of you.


Watkins Street Vietnam Era Banner Displayed By Current Members

Watkins Street Vietnam Era Banner
      Displayed By Current Members

FF Pete Carroll Brother Casey - Army Ranger & NCAA National Champion

FF Pete Carroll Brother Casey - Army
      Ranger & NCAA National Champion


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