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“The current members of Watkins Street would like to express our gratitude to all the members who have worked before us. For it is their dogged determination and commitment to excellence on which our very traditions are grounded.”

Good Luck Lt. Rob Brown

Watkins Street offers a well deserved salute and would like to wish good luck to Lt. Robert Brown (L120) as he prepares for his next assignment in the FDNY where he will be operating under the Special Operations Command (SOC). Lt. Brown, who has been a Company Officer in Ladder 120 for 10 years, joins a list of accomplished Firefighters and Officers from Watkins Street who have furthered their career with extensive training in technical rescue operations.

Lt Brown's final tour while in command of L120 was capped off by a surprise visit and lunch from a legendary Watkins Street trifecta which included his dad BC Bob Brown (Bn44 Ret), BC John Ievolo (Bn44 Ret), and BC Marty Coyne (Captain L120 Ret).

Lt. Brown, we thank you for the many years of training, leadership, and firehouse fun.....but most of all, we thank you for your friendship and for always keeping us safe. You helped make Watkins Street better.

"The Tradition Continues...

Lt Brown's Final Roll Call

Lt Brown's Final Roll Call

A Special Day Made Better As Lt Brown Is       Joined By His Dad (Chief Brown), Chief       John Ievolo, and Chief Marty Coyne

A Special Day Made Better As Lt Brown Is
       Joined By His Dad (Chief Brown),
      Chief John Ievolo, and Chief Marty


1st Annual Watkins Street vs Bradford Street Winter Classic

!st Ever Bn44 Winter Classic

!st Ever Bn44 Winter Classic

A great time was had by all in the 1st ever outdoor "Watkins Street vs Bradford Street Winter Classic". Our Brothers from East New York secured bragging rights with a thrilling 6-5 victory which culminated in a "shootout" with Bradford St scoring the winning goal!



Wounded Warrior Ski Weekend

Watkins St Members Enjoy An Evening With Our Soldiers

Watkins St Members Enjoy An Evening With
      Our Soldiers

Members of E231/L120/Bn44 once again descended upon Windham Mountain to take part in the Wounded Warrior Ski Weekend. Watkins Street was tasked with providing transportation for the injured soldiers and their families as they enjoyed a few days of winter fun. Again, we thank our soldiers from the bottom of our hearts for protecting our way of life and putting it all on the line for our country on a daily basis.



Watkins Street Salutes Our NYPD Brothers In Blue

Watkins Street and the entire FDNY stand united in support of our Brothers in Blue of the NYPD. We would especially like to acknowledge the heroism of Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos who were brutally assassinated by a cowardly thug on the streets of Bed Stuy. Members of Watkins St past and present can recall working side by side with both of these fine Officers, who in short, represent the very best of the City of New York. The Brownsville/ENY community was a safer place when Officers Liu and Ramos took to the streets following Roll Call and their presence was always a welcomed sight at the scene of any fire or emergency for the members of E231/L120/Bn44. We salute them and have made a vow to never forget their sacrifices. May God Bless our NYPD.

L120 Adorned In NYPD Blue

L120 Adorned In NYPD Blue

The FDNY Salutes Our Brothers In Blue

The FDNY Salutes Our Brothers In Blue


Santa Comes To Watkins Street!

Santa Claus made his way to Brownsville, landing on the roof of 107 Watkins Street as L120 placed the bucket to the parapet, helping the jolly one to the apparatus floor where he handed out presents to many adoring fans! The kids were treated to a day of fun with face painting, bouncy machine, ice cream, presents, DUKE, and of course that crazy elf Rogi who supplied plenty of fun and laughter for all. Merry Christmas to ALL.



Watkins Street Reunion Christmas Party

131 current and former members of E231/L120/Bn44 RFD at the annual Reunion Christmas Party as Kasey's. Captain Eysser addressed the Brothers calling for a moment of silence for the great Dan Tracy (a regular at this event and a gentleman who we lost since the last party). After thanking the member who started this tradition 28 years ago (Lt Dominic Michelli) the Captain then paid tribute to various events which unfolded throughout the past year. Captain Eysser thanked the 2 highest ranking members in the room (AC Thomas Galvin and AC James Manahan), commending them for their service to our Job and their efforts which helped rebuild our Department following 9/11. He then called George Guinan Sr to the forefront (who was met with a thunderous applause as our senior man at the party). George was assigned to E231 in 1959! At the top of the list was a story about Engine 247 (operating under the orders of Lt Ryan Frontera who was a FF in E231/L120) as they pulled up single engine scene to a highly stressful situation where a pregnant woman was trapped under a car. Lt Frontera gave the order to bring the 2 1/2" hose rolled ups along with the 24' extension ladder from the apparatus which was used as a fulcrum to release the trapped woman. The woman was transported to the hospital and placed into a coma while the medical team rushed to deliver the baby via surgery. Two people are alive today because of the initiative, heads up thinking, and ability to perform under extreme duress which was in the highest traditions of the FDNY. When the Brooklyn Borough Commander paid a visit to E247 to thank the members for a job well done, he asked Lt Frontera where he came up with that plan, to which he replied, "I learned it from Captain Higgins who taught it to all the guys on Watkins St"


"The Tradition Continues...



Congratulations Ahmed!

The Artis Family With Their Newset Addition

The Artis Family With Their Newset

Congratulations to FF Ahmed Artis (E231) and Farrah on the birth of their son Asher. Young Asher recently attended his very first Watkins Street Firehouse Christmas Party where he was introduced to "Duke" and got his first glimpse of Rogi the Elf!



Happy Thanksgiving

The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 (past and present) would like to wish all of our servicemen and women in the Armed Forces a very Happy Thanksgiving. Each of you will be very close to our hearts as we sit down with our families (and at our Firehouse today) to give thanks. It is because of you that we are able to enjoy days like today and we will forever remain in awe of your sacrifice.



Please Keep In Your Prayers

We are very sorry to inform you of the passing of Mike Hyland's mom Angela. Arrangements: Wake to be held at Brueggemann Funeral Home 522 Larkfield Road East Northport, N.Y. 11731 phone # 631-368-1235 Wake: visiting hrs: 2-4 pm & 7-9 pm Friday, November 28th Funeral Mass: 9:15 am Saturday, November 29th St. Anthony's of Padua RC Church 20 Cheshire Place East Northport, N.Y. 11731 Please keep the Hyland Family in your thoughts and prayers



Happy Veterans Day

The Officers & Members of E231/L120/Bn44 would like to thank all of our past, current, and future Veterans who have served in the military and protect our freedom. Our firehouse today consists of many veterans who have served (and continue to serve) which is a source of great pride. As our Officers conduct Roll Call today, we will pause to honor your service and sacrifice. May God Bless America.


A "U.S. Army Green Beret" From Watkins Street Goes To Work

A "U.S. Army Green Beret" From Watkins
      Street Goes To Work


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